Fox Chiropractic

At Fox Chiropractic we are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injury or pain. Using a variety of techniques we can help regain movement, increase mobility and reduce pain.

Conditions treated include back and neck pain, sports injury, joint, ligament, muscle and tendon problems, postural issues, whiplash, upper and lower limb conditions. We also focus on rehabilitating our patients with specific and individual exercise plans to prevent relapse or re-injury.

What our patients are saying

“Charlie is an excellent chiropractor who has helped me manage and rehab sports injuries and continue to perform competitively.”



Joseph Walton

“Proper athlete centred care. Knowledgeable, understanding, easy to have an honest conversation about what you need to do in order to being your body back to life.”



Lucy Ambrozejczyk

“Charlie is an amazing Chiropractor, and I’ve been a patient for years with her. She takes the time during the appointment to give the best care possible and all the exercises are an added bonus!”


Martijn Gommeren

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